Current FEAT Activation Status:  Not Activated


About Our Activation Status:

The modes of activation describe the mode of operation in which FEAT is conducting itself.  The mode of operation may be updated at any time, and is provided here for FEAT Members, Clients, and Donors to use to stay informed.  Check back often, particularly before and during heavy storms and other crisis events to see FEAT’s activation status.


FEAT has three modes of activation:

Not Activated: This mode simply means that FEAT is not actively preparing to deploy volunteers to provide Client support during a crisis.  FEAT operates in this mode the majority of the time, and may used this time to meet, train, and work within our communities to identify other opportunities to serve.

On Alert: This mode means that a heavy storm is likely and that the FEAT volunteers are being assessed to determine availability and capacity for the anticipated duration of the activation event.  Clients who may need FEAT’s volunteers to provide transportation should contact FEAT with anticipated needs and to update contact information.  This mode typically lasts 24-36 hours prior to a major weather event.

Activated:  This mode means FEAT is fully activated and is partnering with Client resources to ensure Client’s vital personnel and supplies are being transported throughout the crisis event.  FEAT resources have provided their availability and are being deployed to support requests for help.


Weather Monitoring Resource:

NOAA forecast for Denver, Colorado

NOAA forecast for Westminster, Colorado

NOAA forecast for Lone Tree, Colorado