FEAT’s Clients

FEAT Clients, such as hospitals and medical services partner with us to ensure safe, secure, and comfortable transportation for supplies and vital personnel during times of crisis.


Currently, FEAT is Supporting:

  • The Denver Office of Emergency Management to coordinate support Denver’s medical and emergency services during crisis and inclement weather.
  • The Metro Foothills Healthcare Coalition is leveraging FEAT to ensure vital medical staff have transportation to work.
  • FEAT is also providing emergency services to Jefferson County’s (Jeffco – OEM). This service will not be used during snow emergencies, but could include moving supplies and personnel to firefighters using our 4-wheel drive vehicles or assisting in floods, or other services in which JeffCo may need help.


How to Become a FEAT Client:

Companies may become clients of FEAT by contacting FEAT to discuss the support needs required by FEAT.  After discussing your organization’s needs with FEAT, a Memo of Understanding will be sent to your organization to be signed.

As a non-profit organization, FEAT is reliant upon the donations of our Clients and Sponsors.  We ask that Clients who use FEAT’s services provide a donation to our non-profit organization to help ensure FEAT is able to continue operating.

To discuss your organization’s need of FEAT’s volunteers, please contact the FEAT Chairman at chairman@coloradofeat.org.